The section on animals is among the largest of our sites Drawing lessons occur frequently. Many of our readers want us to draw the animal of their choice and, in the course of our drawing classes, many of you have asked us to demonstrate what to draw the dragonfly.

Step 1
Therefore, the most complex things start with the most basic drawings, and the dragonfly drawing lessons are no exception. In the beginning, we’ll outline our head, the torso, and the long tail by making use of simple geometric shapes.

Step 2
The first step was easy to follow, and the next step is even simpler. This is where we are required to outline the wings and legs in the rear of the dragonfly.

Step 3
The main outline and the details of the dragonfly have been drawn at this point, and from that next step, we’ll begin to engage in the drawing process of the specifics. Start with the head, and then draw enormous eyes and the outlines on the skull.

Step 4
This procedure may appear to be too difficult It may seem like a lot of work, but it’s not. In this case, we only must circle the dragonfly’s body, drawing all the particulars as in our illustration. Don’t forget to remove all guidelines that are not necessary from the sketch on the body of your dragonfly.

Step 5
This is the conclusion of the tutorial on drawing dragonflies, and here we draw shadows. First using long lines that are smooth and straight we carefully draw designs across the wings. Then, using hatching, make shadows as illustrated in our illustration.

We hope this lesson helped you understand what it takes to draw a dragonfly. We have tried our best to make this tutorial the easiest and most simple, to ensure that anyone can be able to master it.

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