Hey, dear users of our website! Today, we present another article where we will teach the art of drawing. Today we’re going to teach our readers the steps to draw a head of a dragon.

Step 1
As you can observe, at the end of the day, the dragon’s head will appear real. In the beginning, we sketch an extremely simple design. This is the outline of the head of a dragon and it’s important to draw using light and simple lines. Take note of what the shape of the head is when it narrows down to the nose. On one point on the head, don’t ignore the drawing of the horns.

Step 2
In a horizontally uneven sketch your mouth, which is the part of the dragon’s mouth. Below the mouth, draw two spikes large, and above the mouth, draw the shape that the eye. In this stage, like in the previous step we must use simple and simple lines.

Step 3
The basic outlines of the head of the dragon are drawn, and now we can draw the details, going from top to bottom. We draw the eye in an oval and above it, draw a horn plate with jagged edges. Below the eye, draw the scales folded.

Step 4
Draw the nostril and the nose and then the upper jaw, with huge fangs. Between the nostril and the eye, draw plates that have scales. Make these plates on the eye as we show in this drawing.

Step 5
The lower half of the head. Draw massive horns spread over the jaw’s lower part. The dragon we draw is a striking appearance reminiscent of the fairytale dragon from the medieval era.

Step 6
Create huge areas of skin along the top portion of the neck. Note that they look like the appearance of a membrane. On the bottom of the neck is a pattern-like unequal lattice. If you’re interested in drawing an Asian version of the Dragon takes a look at our tutorial on drawing the Chinese dragon.

Step 7
We are now on the final step in the drawing tutorial in drawing a dragon’s head. This time we will add shadows that are light. We always do it in multiple stages:

Find the light source;
Incorporate hatching in areas that have no shadows;
You can add another layer of shading to a particularly dark area.

This was another drawing class by DFA where we taught you to draw a dragon’s head. Perhaps, dragons were affixed to the walls of medieval knights as prizes. Make sure to subscribe to us on Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest, and everywhere else you locate us, so as not to miss out on the latest drawing classes. Have fun!

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