In our previous drawing lessons, we sketched a variety of various dragons however, we’re not leaving the topic of dragons. Many of our readers wanted us to demonstrate the drawing process of the eyes of a dragon and, it’s evident in this drawing tutorial has been completed and now it’s time to begin drawing.

Step 1
We’ll start with the most basic. The first step is to draw the outline of the eyes, as illustrated in our illustration.

Step 2
Then, draw the lines of the folds beneath the eye as well as the large eyebrow arch that is over the eye.

Step 3
Then we draw a thin pupil inside the dragon’s eyes as well as simple lines on the eyebrows illustrated in our illustration.

Step 4
A simple process in which we must turn the lines of the eyes into sharp spikes.

Step 5
Paint over pupils, and then add shadows by hatching as illustrated in the example below the text.

The eye of the dragon was very realistic, however, we tried to make the instruction as easy as possible to ensure that even the most beginner artist can learn what it takes to draw the dragon’s eyes. If you are also a fan of beautiful creatures, check out the other dragon-related lessons, such as the instructional video on drawing a Chinese dragon. Tell us what mythical creatures you’d like to be able to see on our website.

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