In the past drawing lessons, we demonstrated the art of drawing the cup of tea however, coffee drinkers requested that we create an educational lesson on their favorite beverage. If we’re discussing tea, most times we’ll show a classic cup however, not everything is easy when it comes to coffee. Coffee is consumed in glasses made of porcelain, glass, or paper cups. Today, we will demonstrate the art of drawing a cup of coffee.

Step 1
So, as you’ve already realized the lesson, will be identical to the one on drawing the outline of a cup. The first step is to sketch the outline that will be the shape of your cup. Then, draw the outline of the plate in the form in the shape of an oval.

How to draw a cup of coffee

Step 2
We can now include the most basic of aspects to our sketch of the cup of coffee. In the beginning, we sketch out the outline of the coffee within the cup. Then, we sketch out the handle of the cup, as well as the base of the dish.

Step 3
Let’s ensure that our coffee drawing is easier. Draw the outline for the cups and plate using sharp and dark lines, and remove any unnecessary guidelines.

Step 4
To make the coffee look more attractive and to make it appear more substantial, we can add shadows. Create highlights and shadows on top of the cup’s surface, the table, and even the coffee inside the cup.

As you can see that the lesson on drawing the cups of tea was incredibly easy. In the near future, we might draw cups of coffee in different vessels. If you find it interesting to you, then inform us about it, as the opinions of our visitors is important to us.


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