We love drawing various people who live in rivers, seas, and oceans. Today we recalled an extremely sweet animal that lives in freshwater rivers. It is a very relaxing animal. Many people choose to acquire this rare pet for their pets because watching it is extremely comfortable.

This is the reason we have designed a drawing class where we demonstrate ways to draw Crayfish.

Step 1

Let’s draw a sketch of the torso of the animal. The first step is to draw an unbalanced oval with slight bends towards the bottom. Next, sketch the leg contours by drawing short lines that connect to the crayfish’s body in the shape of Obtuse angles.




Step 2

Let’s sketch the curvature of the claws and tail of our Crayfish. There are four legs, and one pair of massive round claws. The claws should be placed slightly to the side of the head.



Step 3

The general pattern of our drawing lessons doesn’t alter. The same pattern is used in writing articles about how to draw an actual person, Comic book characters, or even an animal. We’re talking about the typical pattern, where we begin by sketching an approximate figure of the character. Then, then sketch all the details.

Here is a step-by-step guide on drawing crabs and this technique is a great tool. This is why we draw the segments of the shell with round eyes, as well as the internal lines of claws that are powerful.



Step 4

The next step is to do the same things that we discussed in the previous step. We have a rough silhouette of a crayfish. Now we will draw the details of the final one.

Draw the outline of each segment on the reverse. In the final step of this process, you sketch the tail. The tail is made up of two triangles lateral to each other and an oval shape in the middle.



Step 5

In this stage, we will be working on the final leg contours. Be aware of how smooth the curves are of every segment. When you have completed this stage, we’ll sketch the contours for the claws. Make sure to draw the sharp lines of your claws like in our illustration.



Step 6

The sixth stage is where we’ll use shadows in order to create crayfish drawings more real. It is possible to choose any localization for shadows. In this case, the shadows appear in the lower part of the claws as well as the body of the crayfish.


This is a drawing lesson for drawing a crayfish. We enjoy drawing animals. However, we’re not biologists and don’t have a deep understanding of the fascinating kinds of animals. If you have ideas for themes to be used in our articles, we’re eager to hear from you in our comments. We’ll see you on the forums of!


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