In this easy lesson comprised of just five basic steps, the team at will teach how to draw what to draw an actual crab which is one of the more well-known and ancient animals currently living on Earth. This creature is close to crabs, crayfish, shrimps, and other crustaceans. It’s not the most complicated creature on the planet and we’re confident that with our step-by-step instruction you’ll master drawing an actual crab.

Step 1

Let’s draw a crab corpus. It is a round figure with a slender bottom and a wide top. The shape could be asymmetric. Don’t forget the dark lines In the initial steps they must be thin enough that, with just a slight flick of an eraser you are able to erase them without any effort.



Step 2

This part of the instructional on drawing the crab might be difficult for people who are not experts, but the process is much simpler than you think. On the top, draw the claws, and then draw leg legs that are on the opposite side of the body. The legs on the upper side must be noticeably larger than the lower ones.


Step 3

The next step is to add some additional aspects to make the crab’s drawing. Begin with the uppermost part of the body of the crab by drawing the eyes of the small crab as well as making the upper line appear wavy. Then, draw the specifics of the claws, making sure that they look similar to what you can see below.


Step 4

Let’s now make our crab drawing more realistic. In order to do this, we’ll need to draw lines on the drawing in order to make them darker and more clear. After that, using an eraser, remove any unnecessary lines from the drawing of the crab. If at the beginning of the process you didn’t press hard onto the pencil it’ll be a breeze to complete.


Step 5

The fifth stage of the tutorial on drawing the crab will be devoted to the last touches which are drawing shadows. By hatching, draw shadows on the areas shaded in the drawing drawn by the artists from below. It is not only used to shade the areas that are needed as well as to draw an outline on the shell of the crab.


We attempted to simplify the lesson in order that an experienced and a beginner artist could understand what it takes to draw an animal like a crab. Did we manage to teach you how to draw crabs? Your opinion is vital to us. Therefore, make sure you write it in the comments of this article or send it to us directly via social media networks.


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