We enjoy drawing people of all ages and professions. In the “People” section there are numerous identical drawing classes. We will continue the theme by teaching drawing the cowboy. You can clearly see that we’ll draw a cowboy of the past with a very realistic style.

Step 1
The first step is to sketch out the outline of the head that is oval cowboy, including the neckline, which runs through the spine. Then, draw a chest as well as a pelvis. By using simple lines, draw the legs and arms. It is clear that everybody is drawn in the same way and this drawing class is no different.

Step 2
We will draw two lines that connect at the center of the face. Following these lines, we will need to draw a neck outline that then moves into the body. By drawing an arc, we draw out the pelvis of cowboys, and with the assistance of cylinders, we outline the legs and arms. The final step is drawing the feet and hands.

Step 3
Now is the perfect moment to sketch out the most fundamental elements. This time we’ll use two lines that intersect on the face, by using which we sketch out the outline of our face. Following that we draw the iconic cowboy hat. We lower our pencils and draw out the outline of the coat as well as the revolver that is in the palm of our cowboy.

Step 4
From this point, it is time to begin sketching all the details. By using clear lines, carefully draw the eyes as well as the mouth, nose, and eyes. Next, we must sketch the outline of our face (cheekbones and the chin). Then draw the hat and long hair. Also, you can draw a sideburn or mustache which are characteristic of cowboys.

Step 5
Let’s go to the lower part of the page. We then carefully draw the contours of the shirt as well as the large collets of the coat. We now need to draw the folds of the coat and shirt for the western cowboy.

Step 6
It is a challenging step in which we sketch out the arms. First, sketch the outline of your sleeves taking into consideration all folds that are necessary. Then, we draw the hands, on top where a lengthy revolver of the cowboy is firmly secured.

Step 7
This is how we draw the lower part of the cowboy. With clear and long lines, we meticulously draw the outline of our pants making sure to draw the folds as shown in the image below. As a result, we will draw the shoes as well as the lower part of the cowboy’s jacket.

Step 8
To increase the volume Let’s add some shadows. Similar to previous lessons similar to this, we first identify the source of light. In addition, using this information consideration we outline shadows using the aid in dense hatching.

We hope this lesson about drawing an image of a cowboy was helpful to you. Should you still have concerns about this lesson or any of our drawing classes contact us on our blog or through our social media networks?


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