Today, the artists of will teach you to draw corn step-by-step. We decided to draw a horizontal line of the cob of this corn. It is actually extremely easy for you to draw corn and the only problem is drawing a large amount of grain of the golden cereal. However, by following our simple instructions for drawing, you will quickly master drawing corn even if you are looking at an unmarked pencil and a scrap of paper for the first time you’ve ever.


Step 1

We begin by sketching an oval that is long and elongated. The tip of the oval should be sharper. Try not to make perfect lines. Your sketch of corn at this point should be extremely thin, and almost invisibly.

Step 2

Let’s now make our sketch more like the sketch of corn. To achieve this, in the next step we’ll draw a husk which is a literal hug to the corn’s ear as well as a tiny cut stalk.


Step 3

In order to draw a correctly drawn corn or its grains, we’ll draw a grid. Take note that the grid’s sections the grid will get smaller as you reach the tip of the corn.


Step 4

This part will be laborious and time-consuming, however, the difficulty of this task lies solely in the monotony steps. With the aid of extremely clear lines, you can create all the cells on the grid of the step.


Step 5

By hatching, draw shadows on the lower portion of the corn, as well as the inside surface that makes up the husk. Also, draw shadows beneath the corn to ensure that the drawing of the cereal grain is not soaring through the air.


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