Hey, visitors of! Today we continue with the theme of dragons that we have on our website. an updated illustration tutorial on the subject is now available for you to enjoy. On our site, you can discover drawing tutorials on drawing the image of a dragon or how to draw the character Toothless dragon from the book The How to Train Your Dragon. We are now able to present you with drawing instructions on drawing an actual Chinese dragon!

Step 1
If you’re looking to master drawing the Chinese dragon, then you must begin by sketching. Start by drawing a long and squirming shape. It is possible to meticulously redraw each contour of the body shapes of the Lizard. A crucial point is that the body should gradually taper toward the tail.

Step 2
Like always, we work from top to bottom, in this case, from one’s head towards the other. In this section, we sketch the contours of the ears, horns, and lines. Mark the location of the eyes. Draw the elaborate and twisted mustache.

Step 3
Now, my dear artists, sketch the visage of the dragon remove all guidelines and draw a make a circle on his mustache – the mustache is significantly narrowed from the nostrils up to the edges. It’s a common move, maybe, the eyes may cause some difficulty. Be careful when drawing the eyes.

Step 4
The mouth should be covered with tiny, sharp teeth, so we draw the teeth. Draw the ears using sharp edges of the hair. In this illustration, we draw the horns of the Chinese dragon. The dragon must have smooth, elegant curves. It’s true, Chinese dragons have a very distinct appearance. In addition, we offer a drawing guide on drawing Gon of Tekken.

Step 5
People who are born crawlers will never fly? As you may imagine, is able to fly and crawl. For a demonstration, you must draw his feet. In other words, you should not draw, but sketch out the outline. In addition, his paws appear like chicken legs.

Step 6
Chinese dragons are gross and disgusting? It’s not at all. In fact, it’s very soft and fluffy that is as sweet as hopes for a brighter tomorrow with Mao the old man. Mao. The upper portion of our dragon is extremely soft and covered in fur, which is why you must draw it. Draw strokes along the upper part of the body to give the Dragon appear more “fluffy”. Draw the tuft of hair on the tail.

Step 7
Draw horizontal sections from the inside of the body of our Chinese dragon. Be aware that the segments will get closer to one another towards the tail’s end.

Step 8
When we sketched out the paws of Chinese dragons, they appeared extremely like chicken legs. Therefore, they’ll become more like chicken legs as we draw sharp, curving claws and draw lines on the skin folds.

Step 9
Create small shadows on the surface and shadowed areas of the body that are close to the feet. No, there aren’t complicated shade structures, and on the places where shadows are drawn, it is enough to draw some hatching using a pencil.

This was a drawing tutorial on drawing a Chinese dragon step-by-step, drawn by artists from the 3dvkarts website. Don’t forget to sign up with us on Google Plus, FaceBook, Pinterest, and more, to stay informed of the latest drawing tutorials!

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