We are aware that our readers enjoy simple drawing lessons where we demonstrate how to draw fruit and vegetables. In recent times, we’ve done several similar lessons and are not stopping. Therefore, we will continue to teach this subject and teach what it takes to draw the carrot.

Step 1
In the beginning, we draw the outline of the carrots. The carrots will gradually taper across the entire length from top to bottom.

Step 2
The easiest step of the guideline on drawing the carrot is when we draw the outline of the stem using the aid of lines that are light.

Step 3
With the aid of darker lines, we will cut the carrot stem into various parts. The thin stems will differ slightly in terms of thickness.

Step 4
The final part of the lesson is drawing the carrot that involves the aid of dense hatching, we’ll create shadows on the surface that the carrot has.

We have divided every one of (even the most difficult) our lessons into a few simple steps that simplify the process of drawing and are accessible to everyone. We also aim to show you in greater specific detail the various aspects of drawing on a specific topic. However, the most important aspect you should know is that the best teacher is practicing by drawing. Practice with us and you’ll be a master artist.


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