Is there a most well-known food that people all over the world can relate to? Naturally, it’s bread. It is a staple food throughout the history of human civilization and is used in many dishes until today, despite the current techniques of cooking. Also, as you’ve known, the focus of this course will be how to prepare bread.

Step 1
So, let’s begin by drawing the basic outline of the bread loaf and outlining everything using gentle lines. In this example, we will see a traditional loaf that has slices.

Step 2
Utilizing a variety of thin lines, trace the outlines that define the lines of slices of bread. Then, in the same way, we trace the outline of the loaf using black and straight lines.

Step 3
With the aid of clear and dark lines, we draw the outline that makes up the outline of the loaf. To help make the drawing of the bread easier, erase any unnecessary lines by using the eraser.

Step 4
Let’s draw a pattern on the bread’s surface. Then, we’ll draw a larger-sized drawing and draw shadows by using dense hatching.

In this lesson, we demonstrated what it takes to draw bread in four steps. As you can see, it was an easy drawing lesson. If you felt that the lesson was challenging, make sure you tell us about it here in the comments section as well as directly via social networks, since your feedback is crucial to us.

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