We continue our lessons in drawing fruits and vegetables. We’ve drawn a variety of exotic fruits. However, we have never thought of the most famous and loved fruit. This is bananas. It is a great source of minerals and vitamins. Also, we see hilarious scenes in comedy films due to a banana’s peel. Let’s begin this easy drawing class and learn the art of drawing an image of a banana.

Step 1

Then draw a long, curving, and rounded form. Don’t try to make your shapes too light. We aren’t sure what to compare it to. If we were to compare it with another drawing class, we’d think it’s an apple contour.


Step 2

Include a stalk and an angular point to the sketch from the previous step. This is why it is crucial not to overdo it by increasing the dark lines as in the future, we’ll be required to rectify all lines and add improvements to the sketch.


Step 3

We remove the lines of the fruit. Utilizing smooth and dark lines and gently circle the lines, making the drawing neater and neater. Draw one long, curly line that will run between the two ends.


Step 4

We’ve had a pretty good performance, don’t you think? Let’s improve it to be even cooler. We will do this by adding shadows. Shadows appear like light hatching. They must be placed around the stalk as well as on the top of the area on which the banana is situated.


The instruction on drawing the banana is coming to a conclusion. You can try drawing a kind of still-life by drawing one of the bananas with the help of this lesson and adding additional fruits, vegetables, or items inside such as books or vases. All the drawing instructions you need for creating a fully-fledged still life are accessible on the website. You just need to click on the categories “Food” and “Still Life”. Don’t forget to check our website regularly so that you don’t skip the latest lessons in drawing created by the team at


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