How to draw Dustin from Stranger Things

How to draw Dustin from Stranger Things

Step 1:

Use the guides and shapes to create the frame for Dustin’s chibi style.

Step 2:

Draw the contour of your face, leaving a little space for the curl to be added where the cutout is.

Step 3:

To create curly hair, draw the bangs. You can also add details to your hairstyle.

Step 4:

You can now draw Dustin’s ballcap. To make the ball cap, add the lining.

Step 5:

Next, draw the outline of the eyes. Then draw the nose and mouth. You should make the lining of your eyes thick and bold.

Step 6:

Then color in the pupils, then draw thick eyebrows and color them in.

Step 7:

Begin the body process. Once you’re done, add the sleeves and the stitching. Make sure to draw the small hands.

Step 8:

Draw the other arm, hand, and draw him holding a flashlight.

Step 9:

Draw in the legs, shoes, and then add the stitching to the pockets and crotch.

Step 10:

After you have erased the guides and mistakes, your drawing should look like this. To finish Dustin off, you can color him in.

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