In this tutorial that is dedicated to the upcoming persona in The Simpsons show, we’re going to teach you the art of drawing Duffman. Barry Huffman – known mostly by his nickname Duffman as a talisman, is an official from the firm Duff Beer. There are many people who are Duffman.

Step 1
We’ll start with the basic outline of their body Duffman. The head is sketched in the shape of an arc and his torso.

Step 2
We sketch the hands and hands behind that head, and the legs.

Step 3
A simple process that involves drawing glasses and an elongated nose.

Step 4
A little higher, and draw the outlines of the cap as well as an inscription Duff on the front.

Step 5
By drawing a long and curving line and drawing both the lip area and the ear.

Step 6
Continue drawing the mouth by drawing the lower lips and teeth using the aid with vertical lines.

Step 7
Let’s now move to the body. Take your time drawing out the form of the torso as well as the chest’s inscription.

Step 8
The arms should be moved to the side by drawing muscles using dark and curved lines. Make sure not to wear gloves.

Step 9
This is the most straightforward. In this case, we have to create a belt using containers.

Step 10
Draw shorts and pants over the pants (by the way, do you know the reason why superheroes put shorts on top of the pants?)

Step 11
Another simple part of this lesson is that we’ll need to draw a large Duffman boot.

Step 12
This is the final part of this lesson, we’ll have to create the cape using curving lines and long lines.

In addition, Duffman is among some of the characters with stereotypical characteristics that combine a stereotypical superhero with an advertising mascot.

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