How To Draw Drums Step by Step -

How To Draw Drums Step by Step

How To Draw Drums Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Let’s get started on the first step of sketching out the steps and the designs for this incredible drum set. Begin by drawing all lines, starting with the highest horizontal line. The fact that you’ll draw four horizontal lines across every line can be seen on the left side of your cymbal stand. Then, draw each of the guides vertically you’ve seen in this picture. All of these lines will aid to identify the drum in the subsequent steps. Once you have drawn the directions and you are ready to draw the shape of the drum. Start with a big circle to represent the bass drum followed by three smaller circles. Two for drums, and another for floortom.

Step 2
Then, in the second step, you’ll begin drawing the exact shape of the drums. Begin with cylinders that are round, like toms, or two small drums in the middle. then draw the form of the guitar like you can see in this picture. Then begin to shape the bass drum in order to create a 3D look. Once the basic designs of the drum have been drawn, it is time to start sketching small details, like those knobs or screws that are on the set.

Step 3
This is where the tutorial starts to begin the difficult portion. What you’ll do is draw the complete definitions of the set of drums. Begin by describing and painting the bass drum according to the image as well as the chrome rim as well as the feet to hold the drum. Then switch to toms and floortom. It is necessary to draw lines across all three drums, and then apply the chrome accents which are attached to it, just as well as frames. After that, you can proceed to the cymbals, and finally that of the hi-hat. The task is to sketch the outline of the spaceship on the cymbals before moving on to the stand. Complete this step, and then move onto the next stage.

Step 4
What you’ll do during the following step is define and finish the sketch for the tom. It is necessary draw the frame of tom first, then draw the stand and the legs. Moving to the left little before you begin detailing the stand to accommodate the tall hat, as well as the holders of the cymbals. Go to the right to finish all the details for the lute as well as the stand for the more powerful cymbals.

Step 5
In the next step you’ll apply some finishing elements to the drums as well as the stands. For all stands, you’ll have to draw on their rubber knobs the shape of feet, and for two drums,, complete the frame design like you can see. A simple method to draw the details is to just overlap the circles over the original design.

Step 6
In the last step, you’ll make a few final touches to finish the drawing. After this step is completed what you have to remove the shapes and guides that you created in the first step. I’m keeping it short as you aren’t going you to erase the intricate lines and shapes that you just completed sketching.

Step 7
This is how your drawn drawing will look like once you’ve completed the entire thing. The only thing you need to color is, or just keep the sketch as it is. It’s true that this tutorial is lengthy, but take a look at the result you’ve created following your efforts. This is the last step of this long tutorial of drawing drums, drum sets. Have a great day.

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