How to Draw Drift

This guide will show you how to draw Drift. A fortnight has helped battle royale gain popularity in the gaming industry. Drift allows players to customize their character’s appearances with multi-style outfits. Let’s get started!


Drawing drift

Step 1: Sketch the Head, Ribcage, and Pelvis

First, use rounded shapes to draw the outline of the head, chest, and pelvis. For a male figure, a combination of a broad chest and narrow pelvis is common. The contours of your spine are indicated by the vertical line.




Step 2: Sketch the Limbs Of The Drift

Second, use long sticks to draw the limbs. The joints appear like dots. Attention! We are now drawing the outline of the limbs, but without sketching feet or hands.




Step 3: Sketch the Facial Guidelines and Torso

Mark the face with two lines that cross. Connect the head to your chest with the neck, and the chest to your pelvis with the abdomen.




Step 4 – Increase Volume in the Arms

The upper limbs should be drawn in large, bold outlines. Split the arm into four sections and copy the bends, extensions, and extensions of each section as shown in the sample.




Step 5: Add volume to the legs

Draw strong lower limbs. Note any contractions or extensions. Draw the big joints and outline of the shoes.




Step 6 – Detail the Face of the Drift

Make a distinct outline of your hairstyle. This is similar in appearance to the candle flame outline. In this step, draw the outline of the eyes as well as the top of your head.




Step 7 – Draw the outline of the mask

Draw the outline of the mask. It appears to be a straight, raised line at the center which delimits the lower half of the face. Draw the contours of the ears.




Step 8 – Draw your Jacket of Drift

Draw the outline of the body for our character. The sleeve should have a round neckline. Don’t forget about the tapering at the waist. Then draw the contours of the ears.




Step 9 – Draw your Jacket and Mask

Draw details on the outfit of your character. Add vertical stripes to the collar. Add a few more folds to the fabric, such as oblique stripes around the torso.




Step 10 – Draw the Draft’s Hands

The final outline of the hands should be drawn. To create flowing and graceful outlines of your hands, use rounded lines. You can also draw smooth lines across the tops and sides of your gloves.




Step 11 – Draw the Draft’s Hands

Draw your fingers and hands. Pay close attention to where your thumbs are placed. Check out our tutorial on drawing hands and fingers.




Step 12 – Detail your Legs for the Drift

Draw the outline of our character’s legs. Draw the outline of the large, square pockets at the waist. Don’t forget the groin.




Step 13 – Draw the Shoes of the Drift

Draw the outline of the shoes. Draw stripes on each shoe’s front. Pay attention to the protruding tops.




Step 14 – Delete the Guidelines

It’s now time to give our hero an entirely new look. Use an eraser to remove all unnecessary lines. Next, trace the sketch with a pencil or marker. Make the lines darker and sharper.




Step 15 – Color Drift

Color our character. To create a familiar look, use traditional colors. Similarity: Use darker colors for shadows in small areas.




Excellent result! This outfit is perfect for every gamer. You are making great progress and your skills have improved greatly thanks to our lessons. We are motivated to continue our good work and teach you new lessons.

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