How to Draw Draw Cartoon Pegasus

How to Draw Draw Cartoon Pegasus

Step one:

Simple. Draw some guides and forms to form the body of the pegasus that you are creating.

Step two:

Draw the outline of the animal’s face or profile, as well as the neck and the front legs. The Pegasus is flying, so draw it as such.

Step three:

Now draw in the long flowing hair, then draw a smile as well as lashes.

Step four:

This is where you begin by drawing the wings, and later sketch the remainder of your body, which includes hooves.

Step five:

Draw the other wings, the flowing tail and the detail of the tail.

Step six:

The final step is drawing the massive cloud the Pegasus is gracefully flying through. Eliminate the mistakes and the guides, too.

Step seven:

This is it, you’re finished. I am sure you’ll enjoy coloring this lesson, just like I did. Thank you for joining me time in the blog.

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