A popular and loved among our fictional characters in the television series Futurama are Dr. Zoidberg – a man-Omar-like alien from the Decapod 10. Decapod 10. The doctor is employed for the planet Planet Express, although it is important to acknowledge that he has no knowledge concerning the anatomy, physiology, and anatomy of a man and, in particular, the treatment methods. Therefore, let’s discover how to sketch Dr. Zoidberg.

Step 1
Let’s draw the main outline of Dr. John Zoidberg. Draw an oval belly, chest, and head.

Step 2
With the aid of light lines, draw the legs and arms of Zoidberg as illustrated in the illustration below.

Step 3
In this case, we’ll work on the details. Draw large eyes that are round with pupils that are in the shape of dots.

Step 4
Draw these famous antennas (we believe it’s as) on the surface of Zoidberg.

Step 5
Draw the outline of the neck as well as the angle of the smiling mouth in our illustration.

Step 6
Then draw a collar and outline of a large body, robed in the robe.

Step 7
Take care to draw the sleeves and buttons on the chest, and folds them in between the buttons and armpits.

Step 8
It’s a basic procedure that we can draw out claws, and then remove any unwanted marks from your upper body.

Step 9
In the final stage of the tutorial on drawing Zoidberg you draw the outlines of our pants, and feet in flip-flops.

On our website, there are several doctors, including normal doctors, and also unusual and shady such as Doctors. Nick Riviera. But Dr. John Zoidberg is probably the oddest and most unique of the doctors we have on our website. If you’d like us to draw a different doctor or another character, you can contact us with your request and we’ll make drawings for you.

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