Hi! Today we’ll sketch Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong is the most adored monkey from the oldest video games. Donkey Kong first came to prominence as a movie game character in the year 1981.

Step 1
Sketch an outline for a gorilla using the help of a few round figures. The longest and largest of them can be the body. The vertical lines are drawn in face symmetry.

Step 2
We’ve made a tiny step, but minor errors in this one could cause major problems for Donkey Kong’s appearance during the subsequent actions. Let’s start. The face of the cartoon’s gorilla resembles an unnatural human face. Make huge eyebrows that form an obtuse angle (we have marked the angle):

Draw the eyes. In our case, the eyes are tiny circles. It is important to ensure that you follow the lines of the face from the previous step to serve as an aid. Additionally, in this step, you need to draw the edges of the ear.

Step 3
Okay, we now have a face silhouette, so we can draw the details on the face. The face should be drawn as follows:

A nostril (looks like the shape of a);
The ear’s edge. The auricle’s top is hemmed which you will see.
The lips. It is enough to draw a line on the lower and top portions of the mouth.

Step 4
Create the hands. Donkey Kong’s finger is big and huge. In this process, we need to draw the pectoralis the major muscles.

Step 5
This is the final step. If your painting appears like ours then you are able to perform the final steps. If Donkey in your photo is distorted You must go back to a certain stage to repair these issues.


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