How To Draw Donkey From Shrek Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

In the first step, draw circles and guides to make an edgy framework for Donkey. Begin with drawing circles around on top of the head. You can then outline the face using facial guidelines. Then draw an oval circle for the body. Once you’ve drawn these two shapes, you’ll be able to draw the other guides that join as illustrated above. Make sure to draw each line you draw.

Step 2
Next, sketch the outline of his eyes, ears eyebrows, mouth, and ears. Then draw a part of his neck as well as the front of his legs, as you see them in red. Once you’ve drawn all of the lines in this step, go to step 3 in which Donkey will be able to draw more shapes and strokes. Be aware the red line must to be drawn within each step.

Step 3
When you finish step 2 you’ll have a sketch that looks like the one above. In this sketch, you’ll draw the Donkey’s teeth as well as the remainder of his front leg. Along the same face of the jaw you need to make an arc to complete the back and neck of his. Then sketch the outline of its stout tail as well as the hind legs.

Step 4
This is the final stage. You’ll detail and pinpoint the remainder of Donkey as you see it. What you must do is draw the ear’s inner membrane, and then give him pupils. Then , put the shade in the mouth and then pull out the hind leg that isn’t depicted. You can erase all of the guides and forms you created in the first step to tidy up your sketch . You can also prepare the sketch to color.

Step 5
It’s your Donkey. It’s done, that’s it. How simple is it to complete that task? It’s as easy as that. All you need to do is paint him in sepia color and put him in the same place as Shrek. That’s it for another lesson on the character from the film Shrek. I believe drawing Donkey is a straightforward guide to follow.

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