How To Draw Doja Cat -

How To Draw Doja Cat

How To Draw Doja Cat

How To Draw Doja Cat

Step 1:

Begin by examining the guide for the head as well as the body, or the upper torso.

Step 2:

Then, you can employ the guidelines for drawing out the forms of your eyes, as well as the beautiful mascaras.

Step 3:

Then, draw your eyebrows, then draw in your nose, then the mouth or lips.

Step 4:

Then, draw the contour of her face. Then draw long hair locks which fall over her face.

Step 5:

It is possible to pull out your ear and then the huge Hoop earrings.

Step 6:

Then, draw the hair part the durag over the top, and finally the upper and lower body, comprising shoulders as well as the arms and top.

Step 7:

Clean the drawing. the line art of Your Doja Cat drawing should look similar to the one you can see here.

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