How to draw Dogman Step by Step -

How to draw Dogman Step by Step

How to draw Dogman Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

Coconut Drawing with color pencil Step by Step

Step 1

Begin by sketching Dog Man by drawing the head. Draw a long line to draw the unruly shape. Cover a small circular area at the top of the muzzle, to create the nose. Make a long, curly line to create the smiley face.

Step 2
Draw the one side of Dog Man’s head, to show the Dog Man’s headdress. On the lower part of the square draw a line of thick paint. It is what is known as the brim. Draw two lines of curved vertical lines for the eyes . draw three dots in the middle of the nose to show the beard.

Step 3
Utilize curved lines to create an elongated tulip shape in the back of your hat. The ear is rounded by extending an angled line from the top of the hat and then double it again to form a circle.

Step 4
Draw a second, slightly curved square under the head, creating the body’s torso. Draw small horizontal lines running from one side of the body to another, creating the beard of the character. Draw the second ears, drawing a curving lines from top, and then doubling it back.

Step 5
Illustration of DogMan’s “L” shaped arm.

Step 6
Draw with your hands, then erase as necessary. Make a series of curving lines to show the fingers.

Step 7
Draw the opposite side. Use a similar sequence of curly, short lines to show fingers.

Step 8
Make a sketch of Dog Legs of a man. For each leg, draw two parallel lines beneath the body. Note that the lines are evenly curving to create the knee. Draw an oval on the bottom of a row of lines that form the foot.

Step 9
Complete the Dog Man outline by enclosing the circular irregular shape of the food remaining and creating a tulip design on its shirt by using the curved line as well as the two “V” shaped lines.

Step 10
Color your Dog Man cartoon. The dog is brown. The uniform is blue and has logos in yellow.

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