How to Draw Doctor Who River Song

How to Draw Doctor Who River Song

Step 1:

Begin with two basic shapes and the facial guidelines.

Step 2:

Next, define the shape of your head.

Step 3:

Draw the eye shapes in large lines. Then, bold the lining at both the top and the ends. Draw the eyebrows and ear.

Step 4:

This is where you’ll finish River’s eyes, then draw the nose or mouth.

Step 5:

Next, take out your hair and add the curls for the waves.

Step 6:

Next, draw the sleeves and jacket to make the upper body. Once that is complete, you can add details to the sleeves.

Step 7:

This will give the shirt more definition. Once you are done, draw your waistline and part of the left leg.

Step 8:

Next, draw the hand and add the details to the belt.

Step 9:

You will now draw your legs and feet using shoes. Then, draw details on the jacket and pants. You can erase the mistakes and use the guides.

Step 10:

River Song, Doctor Who. That’s all.

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