Dear comic book fans and artists, Today’s lesson will teach you how to draw Doctor Strange, one of Marvel’s most unique superheroes. Dr. Strange is a fictional superhero that appears in Marvel Comics. The character was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. He made his debut in Strange Tales #1110 (July 1963).

Step 1
We now need to draw the skeleton for our Dr. Strange. First, draw the head using light lines. Next, create an oval shape for the neck. Next, draw the spine using an ordinary line. Include the thorax, pelvis, and humerus. Then, draw the arms and legs using simple lines.

Step 2
Let’s give some flesh to our Dr. Strange. However, you should first mark the lines of symmetry for the face. Next, draw the neck as a cylinder. The torso of our superhero is created by joining the chest and pelvis. With the help of simple geometric models, draw the arms and legs.

Step 3
Let’s add details now. This is where we’ll draw a face. Use the horizontal line drawn in the previous step to draw the eyebrows and eyes above the eyes. Draw the nose on the vertical line. Just below the nose draw your mouth and mustache.

Step 4
Draw Dr. Strange’s face should be drawn in pencil. Next, draw out the ear. Finally, comb the hair down to the side.

Step 5
Draw a high collar. We place a logo and a brooch in the middle. You can add some folds to the top and remove any unnecessary guidelines.

Step 6
Continue to draw the top portion of Dr. Strange. Make a lot of folds on your arms. As in the example, draw the hands. (Learn more about how to draw hands ).

Step 7
Continue to Doctor Strange’s legs. We will now need to draw the lines between legs, knees, and feet.

Step 8
The cape is drawn at the end of the drawing tutorial on how do you draw Doctor Strange.

This was a tutorial drawing for the category “comics”, in which you will find many other superheroes such as Spider-Man and Superman.


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