Dear users from! This drawing lesson is sure to please those who love the Marvel universe as the protagonist of this lesson is among the world’s most well-known comic book villains, Doctor Octopus! And in our drawing tutorial, Dr. Octopus will have a classic appearance.

The actual name of the current superhero is actually Otto Octavius. At the beginning of the story of Spider-Man, Otto was a teacher for the younger Peter Parker. Following a horrifying metamorphosis, this evil Doctor has turned into one of the biggest adversaries of Spider-Man, and has caused him many problems. Let’s begin the lesson to learn the art of drawing Doctor Octopus!

Step 1
Let’s begin by drawing a stickman – a figure composed of circles and sticks that will allow us to draw the fundamental proportions of the figure as well as his posture and location in the sketch. Let’s talk about the proportions: the average growth in a man’s figure is equal to the lengths of 7 to 7 one-half heads. four of which are the length of the legs.

The current character isn’t particularly tall, yet, their shoulders are extremely broad. The hands are drawn out at the side, creating almost right angles at the elbows. The Head of Doc Ock has a circular shape. The head of the Octopus is shaped like an arc due to the angle of his head as well as due to his body being slightly overweight.

Step 2
Stickman is done, now we can add some flesh to the body of the Octopus. Before we begin we need to mark the head. Draw the horizontal line of symmetry on the face. This is going to divide it into equal portions. Then, draw the horizontal line that will assist us in drawing the eyes. By the way, generally, the eye line lies roughly mid-way across the face, but in this case, it is higher because of the place on the face. Below the eye line, draw the lines of the nose and mouth.

The neck should appear as an oblong cylinder that is tapered in length on that is the head. Draw out the torso which should be tapered to the waist due to the prominent abdominal and back muscles. By using large balls, draw the shoulders. Draw the arms as modified cylindrical. Draw the hands.

(clenched fists, as are indicated with pentagons). In addition, don’t ignore Stickman’s lines. The next step is the legs. Draw the thighs in designs similar to cylinders, with the knees dipping towards the ankles. Your knees (and elbows) can be drawn in the shape of circles. Draw the shins, bringing them down to the feet, and finally the feet themselves.

Step 3
Make a business card for Our doctor with his metal tentacles. Particularly, in this step, we draw the silhouettes of their characters. They should be smooth and with a rounded appearance and be able to increase in size quickly towards the ends. Be aware that this size increase is required to accurately show the size of the distance in the drawing. A final note – tentacles connected to the back close to the connection between the spinal cords lumbar and thoracic with two per side, is important to take into consideration when you sketch the tentacles.

Step 4
Silhouette Doctor Octopus is ready, let’s begin to add details. We always add more details to silhouettes of people in the direction of their heads upwards to their feet and today’s lesson will not be any different.

This is where we can begin drawing the facial characteristics. Utilizing the principles from the previous steps, draw broad glasses, a small mouth and nose jaw, teeth that are clenched, and long Nasolabial folds. Draw the lines of cheekbones, cheeks, and ears, then draw the hairline “pot.” Lines of hair must be drawn from the tips towards their roots. i.e. in this instance, from the top downwards.

Step 5
Let’s move down to draw the body. Remove any extra lines from the neck, and with a few shorter horizontal strokes trace the folds of fabric. By drawing a straight line running from the trapezoid up towards the line of the tentacle, draw the collar. Remove all the guides of the torso, leaving a thin line that is the pectoral muscle. Make a few strokes across the body, and draw a circle around that belt line.

Step 6
Create the tentacles. In general, the four limbs from every version of Spider-Man have the same story of their occurrence. A gifted researcher Otto Octavius designed metal tentacles that operated with remote controls. Following the explosion in the lab, the tentacles were encased in the back region back, were influenced by some substances and heated, fused into the spinal cords of Otto, and transformed him into the horrifying Doctor Octopus.

In numerous comic books and serials from the story, we see Norman Osborn, as the head of the staff and boss of the research team of Otto Octavius. But we digress. Draw on the tentacles curving horizontal stripes.

Step 7
Draw the arms. Following the directions that we have learned from previous actions, draw the arms, then circle the contours of the arms’ outer edges. Make folds in the armpits area. With short strokes, draw lines for the muscles that protrude through the clothing. Start drawing your hands. When drawing a fist, take a look at the tendons and knuckles along with the drawings of the fingers. Utilizing two quick, curving strokes, trace the lines of your gloves.

Step 8
In this stage, we sketch the Legs of Doc Ock. Eliminate the outline from the legs, and then add some fabric folds in the knee area. Do not forget to draw lines for the muscles located in the regions of the thighs and shins. With a few curved strokes, draw lines on the shoes. Don’t forget to not overlook the folds of the boot in the region at the bottom of your ankle. Additionally, draw some lines around the area of the toes, as in our illustration.

Step 9
Draw shadows. They should be drawn according to the comic style that is coarse and contrast. They should be drawn in two steps: first, trace the contours of shadows and then draw over them with a simple pencil. But, there’s one thing to note – the shadow on the tentacles of the metal. Take note of shadows and highlights on tentacles. The shadows appear to be long dark stripes traversing the entire distance of the tentacles. To get the halftones out using unidirectional hatching.

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