On our site, there is an abundance of known and lesser-known cartoon characters. The list of today’s characters will be expanded with instructions on drawing Doctor Nemesis an eminent scientist who was involved in the development of the Human Torch.

Step 1
We see an ordinary human figure We will then employ the proper principles of drawing. Start with a head, creating it into the shape of an oval. Then, draw the outline of the spine, putting the pelvis and chest in the spine. After that step, draw out the arms and legs using simple lines.

Step 2
Then, we draw two lines that cross in the middle of the facial area. Next, sketch your neck as well as the torso, a little dropping around the waist. Utilizing simple geometric shapes, we sketch out the legs and arms. Don’t forget that in the beginning, we have to use extremely thin lines that are almost transparent.

Step 3
Let’s look at the main details in the sketch. The head sketches the eyes as well as the mask and lines of the cap. Then, move to the torso and draw the outline of your jacket the shirt as well as the tie. On the other hand, sketch out the outline of a weapon. Then, draw the outline of the pants and then move on to the next stage.

Step 4
Now, let’s get to drawing the final design. We always begin at the top of our heads. With the aid of straight lines, we’ll be able to draw precisely an outline for the head. Then, draw out the eyelids, the mask, and the lines for the mouth. Don’t forget to erase lines that are not needed.

Step 5
The next step is the torsion. We will also have to draw the details, slowly eliminating any unnecessary lines. With the aid of the dark and clear lines, carefully sketch out the outline of the tie, jacket, and vest. Draw the folds you need and eliminate any unnecessary guidance from the torso.

Step 6
Now, let’s look at the arms. Utilizing identical dark crisp lines, carefully sketch out the lines that the arms. This is where we must accurately draw all folds as illustrated in our example. Then, we draw a unique weapon in the palm and remove all guidelines that are not needed out of the hands.

Step 7
The next step is to perform the same process as the first step, however, with legs. With the aid of dark and clear lines, we will be careful in drawing out the contours that the trousers have. Draw the necessary creases, and then remove all guidelines that are not necessary from the sketch.

Step 8
The final step of the drawing class on drawing Doctor Nemesis, in which we draw shadows. Paint the bottom of the hat with solid black. Then, using thick hatching, draw shadows on areas where there is no light falling.

We draw a lot of comic book characters. We draw characters that are popular, but we also draw characters that aren’t as popular such as the ones we will see in the following lesson. Send us a message about the characters you’d like to find on our website. We’re looking forward to your feedback under the article or on our social media networks.


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