How to Draw Different Types of Anime and Manga Eyes

The eyes of anime are among the most defining traits of manga and anime drawing styles. Based on the artist and the character being depicted, there is a myriad of variations.

This video tutorial will focus on some of the more popular types of manga and anime eyes and outlines the possible causes and the reason they’re drawn in the manner they are.


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How to Draw Anime and Manga Eyes to Show Mood & Personality

Styles of Anime & Manga Eyes

Different types of anime eyes

The majority of manga and anime eyes draw in a simplified way, and a lot of particulars are not included.

One plausible explanation as to the reason for this would be that artists are required to draw a lot of frames or manga panels. Drawing detailed, realistic eyes each time is demanding.

Large eyes can be easy to spot in small manga illustrations, which allows for a more effective way to communicate the character’s emotional state.

Drawing Anime & Manga Eyes

One reason could be that if you draw eyes that are large and an iris/pupil that is round you’ll end up with plenty in between top and bottom, or both eye parts. This can make a person appear scared or frightening appearance.


If you could draw an iris round that was large enough to fill the entire space, it would take up almost all of the eye and appear strange.

By stretching the pupil and iris, artists can draw eyes that are large and allow a character to maintain an ordinary eye expression. This is also evident in other styles besides manga and anime.

Drawing Semi-Realistic Anime & Manga Eyes

Semi-realistic anime eyes

This style depicts the eyes in a semi-realistic manner.

In this way, draw pupils and irises around as well as draw eyes more closely to the real eyes (though they are still bigger).

Drawing Regular Anime & Manga Eyes

Normal anime eyes

The most popular design of anime eyes.

This way, draw the eyes much larger than the real eyes. It is possible to give just some of the eyelashes.

Drawing Highly Stylized or Chibi Anime & Manga Eyes

Chibi anime eyes

The characters depicted in this manner are commonly called “chibi”. They have tiny bodies and massive heads that have huge eyes that cover the entire parts of the face. The most typical illustration of these is found in video games (especially retro and old-fashioned games).

In this manner, draw large eyes that are in line with all the details of the face. Draw every single aspect of the eyes in a vertically stretched (the reflection could be of any form). The majority of the details of the eyes drawn in this way are omitted. It is possible to even not draw the lower eyelashes.


Be aware that the information above is merely a guideline. Mix and match elements of different styles and remove or add details such as reflections, gradients, reflections, and more… Test various techniques and observe which ones work and which don’t.

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