How to Draw Deoxys from Pokemon

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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The first step is to draw the outline of your head. The head has sharp edges and sharp peaks, so bear that in mind.

Step 2

Then draw an outline for the eyes. Make them appear bold and sharp for maximum effect. Keep in mind that Deoxys is looking towards the right side, so the right eye of Deoxys is smaller. Draw an oval-shaped an outline of the face, with an angled end. On the other facet of right side is a curving oval, small but long.

Step 3

Then draw the pupil and the iris in the eyes. Be sure that the left eye’s pupil and iris are both smaller since Deoxys faces to the left. Place two curves at the center of the face. Use the guide lines to assist you in drawing the lines. The lines on the sides of the head, you should draw tiny lines. You can also put some sugar on the lines.

Step 4

After you’ve completed the head sketch an outline around the top of your head. Make sure to shape it exactly as in the photo since Doesys does not point straight.

Step 5

Then draw a circle around the middle of your chest. Draw a curved line at the center of the circle. When you’ve drawn your sphere draw seven lines connecting your body until the sphere.

Step 6

Once you’re finished with the chest region then draw the slim but long arms, or Deoxys. I’d like start with the arms that are upper as they’ll overlap with that of lower arm. The yellow area is the one you need to remove, and it will make the appearance more appealing.

Step 7

Then draw an outline for the body’s lower part. Like the upper part of the body, make sure to keep the right hip as jagged and sharp, as Deoxys’ legs sit there. Cut off the line in yellow.

Step 8

Once you’ve traced the contour of your body, mark a mark on the lower body area. Connect the lines as shown in the image. Be sure to warp the lines correctly.

Step 9

Now , let’s draw Deoxy’s legs. Near the hips, there ought to be two blades per side. At the top of your knee, you should draw a tiny triangle on the left, and a bigger triangle on the left. Anything that is overlapping, remove it.

Step 10

The final step. Draw lines as illustrated in the illustration These lines are the front of Deoxy’s legs.

Step 11

This is the end of this lesson! Your masterpiece is legendary and it glides across the sky with ease. You can color it to improve its appearance. This is what your drawing should look like.

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