How To Draw Demon Skulls Step by Step -

How To Draw Demon Skulls Step by Step

How To Draw Demon Skulls Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

Begin this lesson about “how to draw a demon skull” by drawing a circle around the head, and then adding the face guides shown here. After that then draw the lines to form both horns.

Step 2
Okay, now I’d like you to use the face guides you created in the first step to sketch out the outline of the demon’s eyes. Draw the shape of the cheekbones of the demon’s skull as well as the beginning lines for nostrils. Draw an indented the chin line.

Step 3
Okay, let’s sketch out the forms of both sets of demon horns that you will see. The top horns look typical and straight. The lower horns of demons face downwards and are the same shape as the spiral. When the line horn starts it’s time to draw the fissures that form on the forehead of the demon skull as shown here, and sketch out the form of its jaw.

Step 4
Finish the design that the two sets of horns have. You will begin to outline the shape and appearance of the mouth as well as teeth lines, as shown in this picture. After that, you can perfect the look of the nose, and move to the next stage.

Step 5
This is the point where you’ll begin sketching out more detail to sketch the skull of the demon. Begin by drawing indents along the side of the skull. You can then draw some details under the eyes as well as around the nose as well as above and over the horns. To draw the demon’s Horns, draw vertical lines rising above the skull. In the final step, you draw the teeth out and trace the bones under the teeth, as shown below. Remove all the basic concepts and forms, then move onto the next stage.

Step 6
The last drawing step, and as you can tell, you’ll draw lines for skulls that are flaming to create a form and structure. Once the flame has been drawn it is time to begin drawing the details and also adding some cracks into the teeth. In the nostrils, fill in the gaps and proceed towards the line-art part.

Step 7
Here’s how your demon’s skull should look like once you’re finished. Simply color it and you’re done. I’m sure you’ve discovered “how to draw demon skull step by step”.

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