How to Draw Deku

This tutorial will teach you how to draw Deku (the main character in the manga and anime My Hero Academia).

Today’s lesson’s hero is Izuku Midoriya also known as Deku. It’s anime time! It’s anime time! We will be able to draw Deku quickly and learn the main rules of drawing in the anime style.


How to draw Deku from My Hero Academia

Step 1: Sketch the General Forms

We will show you how to watch My Hero Academy if you have suddenly forgotten. Deku is an anthropometric figure, meaning that he is human-like. It is easy to draw such characters. Let’s begin with the chord line, let’s assume this is Deku’s spine. Then draw it down to the center. We will create an arbitrary oval at the top. Just below it is another oval (this represents his body). Finally, a third oval will be created at the bottom (this represents the pelvis).




Step 2 – Draw the Limbs Of Deku

This stage is also very simple. The arms should be drawn so that the elbows are bent. The joints can be drawn using simple lines. Deku should be in motion, and his legs should also be active. Connect two lines with small circles. These are the knee joints. Imagine Izuku Midoriya jumping and pushing off.




Step 3: Sketch the neck and torso

Draw two lines running crosswise. Draw two lines crosswise. Let’s create the first shape of the suit using an arbitrary circle. Deku is a bit fatter but its activity hasn’t slowed down!




Step 4 – Draw the arms of Deku

Deku is a powerful fighter! Draw a shoulder bundle. Make a second layer for your arm. Tighten the forearm. You can draw an anthropomorphic character by knowing the basics of anatomy. At the very least, in general terms. The elbow to the right should protrude slightly and be sharpened. Although the fists may not be visible, you can draw oval shapes, similar to boxing gloves, for a starting point. ).




Step 5: Sketch the legs

Now it’s time for the legs to be drawn. Remember that we will be drawing the legs while wearing overalls. This means they will appear tighter and certainly thicker than our arms. Draw the lines in the same way as the axial lines, which are what we used to identify the joints. Draw the knees using circles. These are the connecting parts to the human skeleton. Arrange them so that they naturally connect. The feet should be drawn in the same manner, taking into consideration anthropometric literacy.




Step 6 – Draw Deku’s Face

Let’s get on to the faces. Deku is determined to win. His gaze is fixed and full of intention. Draw your eyebrows. Two arcs should be drawn from the top, wrapping around the eyes almost touching them. Shade the eyebrows slightly to make it more obvious that they have hair. Do you remember that we made two lines across the face? This is to help you see the center of the face and draw your nose there. This will ensure that the face is symmetrical. Draw a line around the mouth using a strip. Do not bend the edges. Deku will smile if the edges are raised higher than normal. If they are pulled down, Deku may become sad. We learn from this lesson that we are not sad.




Step 7 – Draw the hair of Deku

Our Deku’s hair can be ruffled. Deku’s hair is a special part of anime. Here’s a little life hack: Draw a hat of any shape and fold the corners. This is the foundation of your future hairstyle. Next, add triangular “flashes” to your tousled hair. It looks like a flame where the wind blows side to side. Our conditional “flashes” look in different directions. Fluff your hair to create chaos!




Step 8 – Draw Deku’s Mask

Deku wears a mask. It has protrusions that resemble earlobes. Let’s create a collar by placing it on the chest. Place the edges of your mask on the shoulders. The mask should be large but not too big for Deku. Our hero must now put on his hero mask to show off his superpowers at the crucial moment. The lower half of the mask should be shaded and a protrusion placed near the chin.




Step 9 – Detail your Torso

Let’s get to the clothes. You will need to draw the green jumpsuit. Bend the shape of your jumpsuit in the area where the arms meet the shoulders. This will make it appear as if the fabric has curled from the body’s rotation. Draw a handle around the pockets of the jacket.




Step 10 – Detail the arms

The sleeves start where the suit visually expands. The sleeves should be as large as the suit. Deku is a black-embellished man. Visually, we can imagine Deku wearing a black elbow pad. This is to protect the elbows while you are out on superhero adventures.




Step 11 – Draw Deku’s Fists

Deku is always ready to fight! White gloves protect the hands. Draw fists and mark the ends of your gloves. Do not attach them to the elbow pads. Allow for some room to see your hand.




Step 12 – Add some details to the belt

Deku’s red belt is another detail. Let’s draw horizontally a line as if it were encircling Deku’s pelvic area. The tails of your belt should be left around the edges. Do you need to verify the proportionality of your drawing, by the way? Look at your drawing through the mirror.




Step 13 – Draw your knee pads

While elbow pads are meant to protect, what happens if Deku accidentally injures his knees? Let’s not allow this to happen. Let’s draw the knee pads. They should be massive. As if you were drawing a connection between pipes. You’re correct, it’s true, but don’t be quick to criticize. The knee pads have a thickening at the edges. This protects your knee joint from falls that fail.




Step 14 – Draw Deku’s Boots

Deku requires boots to achieve lightning speed and great stamina. The shoes should be strong, durable, well-made, and large. Deku will have blisters if they hang too low on his legs. The boot’s shape should be the same as the foot. The sole should be thicker to ensure the safety of the shoe over time.




Step 15 – Delete the Guidelines

It’s now time to give Deku an entirely new look. Use an eraser to remove any unnecessary lines. Next, trace the drawing with a pencil or marker that is darker. This will make the lines sharper and darker.




Step 16 – Color the Deku Drawing

Deku is an anime character. The anime’s color palette is already known, so we can try to recreate it. You can be creative and paint your Deku drawings in totally different colors than the original. This will make your drawing more unique and unusual.




That’s all for the drawing tutorial. Deku looks at both you and Deku. He is fighting, his legs are flexible, and his fists are sharpened to the limit. Dark green hair is untidied and flutters in the wind like flame tongues.

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