Dear artists and art lovers, Hello, dear artists and lovers of art. Today’s drawing tutorial will show you how to draw Ded Moroz. We have drawn many characters from various countries in our drawing tutorials, including Karlsson on the Roof, Winnie-the-Pooh, and many more. As we said, today’s lesson will show how to draw Ded Moroz, which is a representation of Santa Claus in America.

Step 1
Let’s begin with a stickman. It is possible to follow the rules for drawing a male figure. You can find them in the first stage How to Draw a Man. We have already shown you how to draw the head of Ded Moroz. Next, draw the skeleton using simple lines.

Step 2
Draw two lines showing the facial symmetry of Ded Moroz. Draw the outline of the beard at the base of your head.

Step 3
The contours of the cape can be seen by focusing on the lines that run out from the arms. The silhouettes of sleeves and mittens are also denoted.

Step 4
The coat’s lower portion is extremely spacious and its outline extends downwards very sharply. Make sure to leave a wide margin at the bottom of your clothing. It has uneven, rough contours.

Step 5
Use the markup lines to draw Ded Moroz’s eyes, nose, and mouth. Circle the lines of your beard and hat. Make sure to clean up any auxiliary lines. Make sure to trace the lines around the eyes and contours of your mouth.

Step 6
Now draw eyebrows (they look similar to commas). Add more wrinkles above your eyes and outline the contours of the cheeks. Keep in mind one important rule: the hair should be drawn from the roots to its tips.

Step 7
Remove any extra guidelines from the sleeves and mittens. Draw the fur trim on the sleeves (loops must be slightly serrated), and in the area of your left elbow, outline a few folds.

Step 8
Attach a toothed contour for the edging at the bottom of Ded Moroz’s jacket. To make the drawing beautiful, remove any lines from our frost grandfather’s coat.

It has been a good experience. We have done well. This gives the fireplace red socks to contrast the winter cold.

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