How To Draw Death Star Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

As you might imagine that creating your own Death Star should be easy because I sketched it in a simple manner. Start with a big circle that fits the size of your paper comfortably. Then trace an oval horizontal line within the middle of the station’s design.

Step 2
Because you’re drawing this blow over version of Death Star, you’ll start by sketching the broken parts of the shape. Be patient as you draw the jagged lines of this area. After you’re done you can draw a smaller circle to make the superlaser’s active region. Add the “+” in the middle.

Step 3
Draw intricate lines along the center of the small circular shape and then draw outlines of the exploded design on the death star’s exterior. Take your time, making sure you have copied the shape precisely.

Step 4
What you need to do is draw in the void to make the battle station appear to be complete destruction. Then, you can remove any guide lines, forms or outlines that make your drawing appear “dirty”.

Step 5
It’s that easy for drawing your own Death Star, step by step. Get your dark gray markers, crayons either crayons or paints, and get started drawing the coolest Star Wars subjects.

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