Today we chose to please the people who are fans of Marvel Comics. Marvel Comics universe and draw an image of one of the most unique and bizarre characters from this Universe – Deadpool. The concept is easy since we will be attempting to create the heads of Deadpool. Actually, it’s this is a continuation of the subject of portraits in the past. Not too long ago, we did portraits of Spider-Man and Wolverine as well as those who learned these skills the next one shouldn’t create any difficulties. The most important thing is to draw all different types of faces. We have plenty of drawing lessons with characters from the Marvel Universe, such as Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Thorand, and many more. In the meantime, we’re starting the step-by-step drawing course, which is dedicated to the drawing of Deadpool!

Step 1
The outline for the face should be drawn as a form in the shape of an oval. Draw the lines of facial symmetry. Mark the face by drawing a vertical line that divides the face into two equal parts and shows us the central part of the head. Draw the horizontal line that splits up the face in two parts. This can help us sketch the eye.

Step 2
At the very top, draw the face part as shown in our illustration. On the right and left edges of the face, draw the forms of the ears beneath the mask. Utilizing the lines of the eyes drawn in the initial step, sketch the eye.

Step 3
Eliminate the unneeded lines and strokes. With clean, sharp lines trace the lines of Deadpool’s head. We continue drawing Deadpool’s head. Deadpool.

Step 4
In this section of the tutorial on drawing Deadpool’s head, Deadpool we draw the designs onto the head mask. With two ovals, vertically extended, trace the eye patterns. Above the eyes, draw the eyebrows and draw the wrinkles with small strokes.

Step 5
Draw the vertical lines along the temples. Make a few more wrinkles and draw the nose in the mask. Draw out the collar on the neck, then continue to the end of the lesson on drawing Deadpool.

Step 6
Utilizing dark hatching, paint the ovals around your eyes. Be sure to highlight the eyes as in our illustration. Use light and smooth hatching, and add shadows on the left side of Deadpool’s head. Deadpool (Due because the light coming from the right side, we create shadows to one side).

We’ve completed the step-by-step drawing class that teaches you to draw Deadpool’s head. Deadpool. Follow us on

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