Everybody knows characters such as Wolverine Spider-Man, or Hulk. Darwin is the main character from the Marvel universe that has the capacity to “reactive evolution” – which means that his body responds to any surroundings that he is in and, theoretically, lets him survive in any situation. Therefore, let’s discover what it takes you can create Darwin as a character from Marvel.

Step 1
Let’s begin with the Skeleton (we always draw people this way when drawing them). By drawing an oval of the face. Then draw the spine’s line and we then draw the pelvis and the chest. Utilizing these simple lines, draw the legs and arms.

Step 2
Draw two lines that intersect across the forehead. Then, draw outlines of your neck as well as the torso. Then, draw a tapering to the waist. With the aid of simple geometric shapes, sketch out the legs and arms. If you want to find out more about drawing the body, go to the tutorial on drawing the body of a Dr. Manhattan

Step 3
Our character’s Dummy is done, but we must add the essential details that give it the appearance of Darwin. Utilizing the intersecting lines of prior steps draws the nose, eyes, and mouth. Then, we go lower, and we sketch out the outline of a costume for our character.

Step 4
It is now time to concentrate on the last aspects. Utilizing dark and clear lines, carefully sketch out your head’s outline. Draw eye, nose, and mouth. Eliminate all guidelines that are not needed from the head.

Step 5
Now, you can begin to shape the chest is now in place. Take your time drawing out the form of the chest, then press. After removing any unnecessary guidance from the torso, carefully trace your lines for the dress.

Step 6
We are able to reach Darwin’s arms. Darwin. Draw the outline of the muscles of the deltoid as well as the triceps, biceps, and forearm muscles. Take out all lines that are not needed from the arms.

Step 7
Then we’re doing the same thing for the lower half of our hero. This means that we have to draw the outline of leg muscle, and take away any unnecessary guidance from the legs.

Step 8
Let’s begin the process of creating shadows. You can draw them like in our illustration, which employs hatching or create shadows similar to the ones we learned about Spider-Man which with dark and contrasting regions of shadows.

This lesson focused on drawing Darwin of Marvel. This isn’t the most well-known character from the Marvel universe, however, we believe that it will be a fascinating and beneficial experience when drawing. If you’d like to master drawing other classic comic book characters, from comic books, Marvel as well as DC universes, check out our category titled “Comics” where you will locate any character you’re interested in and you will be able to understand how to draw them.


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