Hello! Today we’ve created a new drawing class. In this lesson, we’ll sketch Darth Maul. Darth Maul is among the characters that are most remembered in Star Wars.

Darth Maul is now a real icon of the Saga since the premiere of the first episode despite the fact that in the film, he only spoke a few words. Darth Maul is a formidable figure. With his red lightsaber as well as the terrifying tattoos, he is the perfect representation of evil. We have decided to learn the mistake of drawing Darth Maul.

Step 1
Let’s first sketch out the stickman from Darth Maul. The stickman will help us understand the fundamental proportions and posture. The character is in a half-turn. With an oval, we draw the general shapes that make up the face. With the help of the line, draw the neck. Below the neckline, we draw a line that represents the spine. Utilizing horizontal oblique lines, we draw shoulder and pelvis lines. By drawing simple lines, draw hands and legs as in our illustration.

Step 2
Let’s attempt to flesh out the character of Darth Maul. First, we must draw all the faces lines:

The vertical line of face symmetry
The horizontal line will indicate the position of the eyes.
Then, draw the neck, which appears like a cylinder with a shorter length. We sketch out the basic form of the body. It is important to note that the torso gets narrower as you go down. Pelvis space appears like a round triangle. With cylinders that are long, sketch legs and hands. Draw out the designs of the feet and hands. Make sure to remember the lightsaber.

Step 3
Utilizing facial lines drawn in the previous step, draw your facial features. The perspective is half-turn But doesn’t forget: when you are in full-face, your head is usually five eyes large. One eye is the distance from the eyes. The top portion of the ear must be in the exact space as the eyebrows.

Check out the side that is Darth Maul:

Step 4
Let us detail the eyes, mouth, nose, and ears. In this stage, let us remove any unnecessary guidelines in the previous steps.

Step 5
Then draw an image that is a representation of Darth Maul. Tattoos form an integral element of the appearance that we have of our heroes. The application of these tattoos is a significant ritual for the inhabitants of the world of Iridonia. The first step is to draw a tattoo that’s located in the area of the eyes. Then draw a tattoo on the month, drawing the lines that are short and angular.

Step 6
In this next step, we’ll include the clothing that makes up Darth Maul. With long, smooth lines, draw the portion of the costume on the body. Draw the belt that appears like 2 horizontal lines. Below the belt, draw the lower portion of the garment that is loosely and hangs downwards. Draw the sleeves’ counters with curving lines.

Step 7
Remove the guidelines of the earlier steps, and then circle these lines for the line of the torso as well as hands in the illustration below. Sketch out the hilt of the lightsaber. With a few short and curly lines, fold in some fabric.

Step 8
In this stage, we’ll focus on the lower portion of the structure of Darth Maul. Remove the other guides. By using curves and long lines, trace the fabric in our illustration. Make sure to include some folds in the fabric. In this stage, we sketch the shoes and then finish the details.

Step 9
In this stage, we’ll apply shadows. First, we must draw the areas of darkness on the face. Then we add shadows to those areas where light isn’t falling. To get real shadows, use lighting with smooth hatching. For darker shadows, you can add an additional layer of hatching.

The lesson was a tutorial where we taught you the drawing process of Darth Maul step-by-step. We hope that you created a stunning and stunning sith. Keep an eye on our website and we’ll see you in the near future!

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