How to Draw Dart from Stranger Things Chibi Dart

How to Draw Dart from Stranger Things, Chibi Dart

Step 1:

Begin with a large egg-like shape for the head, and then create a small guide shape for your body.

Step 2:

Now, you will draw Dart’s actual head structure and size in chibi style. Dart’s head looks quite accurate, even though it is chibi. You can add details to make the surface texture more realistic and even some teeth.

Step 3:

You will now draw the front legs as well as the shape of your chest. Add one foot to the equation and you will have the toe lines.

Step 4:

Draw the back and legs to complete the body shape. The adorable chibi feet, toes and other front foot are also important. You can also add texture.

Step 5:

Next, draw the thick tail and add details to it. You can erase any mistakes or visible guides.

Step 6:

This is it! Your drawing of Dart the chibi character from Stranger Things has been completed. Enjoy, and please comment, like, love, fav, and share.

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