How to Draw Dark Gothic Art -

How to Draw Dark Gothic Art

How to Draw Dark Gothic Art

How to Draw Dark Gothic Art

Step one:

Begin with the guidelines and forms for the girl as well as the crow.

Step two:

With the circle you’ve just created, go ahead and begin forming the form that will form the face. You can observe that, we begin at the top and begin to work our way down.

Step three:

Get off from her for just a second to allow us to begin the drawing process of the bird. Start with the head first and then draw the beak of the crow which is a bit long. Make the feathery neck, as well as a bit of the back as well.

Step four:

All you need to draw the eyeball, then color it in. Finish the beak, and then add the pointed tongue into the mouth. then draw tiny feathers to give an extra dimension to the face.

Step five:

Continue working on the drawing of the Crow. The drawing will be nearly complete the bird’s design and this can be done with the help of drawing archways of both wings . Then draw your bird’s chest. Draw the details to make the feathers too.

Step six:

The only thing left to be done for the crow creation of feet and legs. The toes must be long and thin with long clawed nail. Then draw the shoulder , then the lining to create the flow of the hair of the girl.

Step seven:

Okay, now you’re ready to draw a portion of her body on one side. This includes the collar of the sweater she’s wearing as well as a portion of clothing on the other side. Draw a definition of the left shoulder, too.

Step eight:

Next, we’ll have the hair and head drawn out. This style is loose or drawn into the hair to create a appear wavy, long and thin. The hair is made by manipulating the direction of lines that make up hair. Make a sketch of the detailing on the hair as well.

Step nine:

We’ll use guidelines for facial features to highlight the eye’s shapes. The lids must be strong and bold, and the eyelashes should be long. The crease of the eyelid too.

Step ten:

To give this dark-gothic lady an edgy look, we’ll draw her eyebrows with a thick line in a way that looks like she’s being angry or simply rebellious. Then, add the eyeballs. begin the form of the nose. Make sure to include the crease between the eyes, then add the bottom the lashes.

Step eleven:

The final drawing stage, you’ll finish your face drawing by sketching the outline of your nose. I was looking for a piece of nose jewelry so I sketched the nose ring with a and a stud. You could leave this off, however it helps to define the character. Draw the mouth, that are full lips. Then make the bumps for her cheeks, chin, and some definition to the nose and face. Remove the mistakes and guide after you’re done.

Step twelve:

That’s it. You’re done. It’s now time to color your drawing before showing the class the drawing or who did it. I hope you enjoyed this lesson.’

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