Good morning to all creators and comic book enthusiasts. In this drawing lesson, we’ll teach you the art of drawing Daredevil from Marvel Comics. The character was developed by screenwriter and editor Stan Lee and artist Bill Everett and first was introduced in the book comic Daredevil # 1, published on April 10, 1964. The original creator of Daredevil Matt Murdoch is Matt Murdoch.
Step 1
The first step is to sketch the skeleton of our Daredevil. Grab a pencil and using the aid of transparent and light lines, draw the face of our hero with the help in the form of an oval. Then outline the neck that runs through the spine. Next, sketch out the pelvis and chest. After this step, draw legs and arms, then move to follow step.
Step 2
Outline two lines intersecting around the head, from which we’ll draw facial characteristics. Then draw the neck in the shape of a circular shape. Then, draw the torso, which narrows in the waist region. Draw shoulders in the form of circles, and arms by using cylinder-like shapes. In the same way, we draw the legs and then move on to the next stage.
Step 3
Let’s now look at the facial characteristics of our Daredevil. Draw a frowning face across the horizontal line of the prior step. In the eye area draw a mouth and nose.
Step 4
Continue with the drawing lessons on drawing Daredevil. We now need to sketch an outline for the face and it’s an opening to the mouth.
Step 5
Make the line of the trapezius muscle, abdominals, pectorals, and back muscles. Remove all the guidelines on the body of our superhero as well as draw the image of Daredevil.
Step 6
Draw the biceps, triceps, and forearms. Draw the outline of the gloves, and draw the stick into Daredevil’s hand.
Step 7
Let’s drop a little and begin working on the lower portion of the Daredevil body. Begin by drawing shorts using folds. Then, draw the leg muscles and erase all the extra lines drawn from the earlier steps. Make the shoe’s lines and then add some folded lines to your shoes.
Step 8
Let’s include shadows in our Daredevil. First, sketch the shadows’ outlines that look like large spots. Then, paint the shadows in solid black. For soft shadows, you can use traditional shading.

This was an art tutorial on drawing Daredevil. If you’re currently reading these lines probably you’re a fan of comics and if you’re avid about comics, then you’ll enjoy lessons on Spider-Man, and Wolverine as well as other characters in our “comics” section of our website.


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