How To Draw Danny Phantom Easy -

How To Draw Danny Phantom Easy

How To Draw Danny Phantom Easy

How To Draw Danny Phantom Easy

Step 1:

While this is a face-forward tutorial for Danny Phantom, I wanted to provide an inside look at the Nickelodeon star. Start creating a circular shape around the head, and then include the facial guide. Then, draw the circular shape of Danny’s ear. then draw the outline of his neck. the lower portion of the face and finally, the forehead and nose. Once you’ve finished, you can start working on Danny’s face drawn. Start by creating his dark, thick eyebrow Then draw the eye. The pupil should be colored and add the mouth and the swirl to create the inner ear detail. Finally draw his wild high-style.

Step 2:

Start with a medium-sized circle to mark the head and then sketch a face guide.

Step  3:

Draw in Danny’s long , spiked hairstyle as follows and note how it orients towards the back of the head.

Step 4:

Draw the face shape and then create the design for his small ears. Note how his chin is pointing.

Step 5:

Then make the rectangular-shaped eyebrows and color them. Draw the eyes that are large and then color the tiny pupil dots. Draw his mouth, nose and swirls inside the ears as well. Finally, give Danny an apron collar draw out his shoulders. It is possible to clean the drawing and make it easier for him to coloring.

Step 6:

I’ll give to you Danny Phantom. Your drawing should resemble or be similar to the drawing you’ve seen here. Simply color him in and showcase your talents to the world.

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