Dear Elder Scrolls lovers, it’s good to see you. Today’s lesson will teach you how to draw the main enemy of the legendary Morrowind. As you can see, we’ll show you how you can draw Dagoth Ur in Morrowind. Dagoth Ur is the Temple’s main enemy. The population of Morrowind has demonized him. Fear him and hate him. Inquisition seeks out and kills cultists who worship him. His name is not spoken aloud.

Step 1
Select the position for the character. Dagoth Ur is shown with divorcing hands. First, draw the head as an oval shape. To draw facial features, we will need to draw two intersecting lines. Next, draw the body (neck and shoulders, spine, and limbs) with simple lines.

Step 2
We add flesh to the Dagoth Ur body by using simple geometric figures. The neck should be drawn in the form of a cylinder. Draw the torso. The shoulders should be wider than your waist, according to the canons for male figures. The triangle-shaped shape of the pelvis is to be drawn. Use circles to draw shoulders, elbows, and knees. The arms and legs should be drawn in modified cylinders. Sketch the hands And feet.

Step 3
This is the famous Dagoth Ur mask. First, draw the eyes and nose. The facial features of the mask do not need to be perfectly natural. Draw the beard that runs below the mouth. Three cylinders, each one long and narrow, should be drawn at the top of your head. They will form rays. Draw a rectangle slightly larger than the face around the edges of the mask.

Step 4
We add details to Dagoth Ur’s face. First, we remove all guides. Mark the lines around the eyes, nose, and mouth. Make sure to add some wrinkles to your mask’s face. Draw an inverted triangle on the forehead, which is the third eye. Draw a circle around Dagoth Ur’s face at the end of this step.

Step 5
This step is the drawing lesson on how you draw Dagoth Ur. We now move to the torso. First, draw the continuation of his mask around his neck. Draw the lines of your torso. Draw the abdominals below the pectorals.

Step 6
Now we will finish drawing the arms of Dagoth U. Slowly draw the lines of the arms, erasing any guidelines.Draw the bracers. Draw the bracers at the end.

Step 7
Now we will do the same thing, but this time with our legs. Begin by laying down the fabric and drawing the belt. Begin to trace the lines of your legs by tracing them. Draw the legs’ knees and muscles. Draw the stripes on your shins using short, curved lines. These should be in an order that is random. Draw the pointed toes from Dagoth Ur at the end of the step.

Step 8
The tutorial shows you how to draw Dagoth Ur in Morrowind. Next, add shadows. We must first consider where the light falls. Next, draw the shadow borders using light lines. The shadow is then drawn using hatching. You can add shading to darken the shadow in certain areas. Remember to color out your eyes.

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