Hello! We have a new drawing lesson in the works. Today, we will present the ability to draw the beaver. Not the typical Daggett Beaver the character from The animated TV series that is about Angry Beavers.

Dagget is a resident of a dam alongside his brother Norbert and the lessons about that we’ll cover in our subsequent posts. Let’s look down the page and discover what it takes to draw Daggett from the angry Beavers.

Step 1
We can begin to draw the body’s contours. You can observe in the initial stage the shape of the body is similar to the alphabet “L” with an angled end.

Step 2
You’ve already sketched this simple thing? Now let’s move on. Draw a pair of eyes in the upper area of the figure drawn in earlier steps.

The eyes are extremely close to one another;
The right eye is slightly larger than the left
On the top of your eyes, draw a small straight line that is thick and curving.

Step 3
If the beaver is sporting an angry expression Now, you’ve done it right. The next step is to draw some details that create the desired look. First, we draw the angular line on the line of the mouth. We then move to the left side and draw a few teeth. They slightly expand downwards.

And then, above that – sketch the outline of the face. Then, draw three dots and a mustache appearing in various directions.

Step 4
In this stage, we sketch the arms. It is best to first draw the forearms and upper arms before drawing long thin fingers. Have you ever observed the long fingers of beavers?

Step 5
Draw the back of the neck. As you will see, it’s an array of long triangles located in the vicinity of the vertebral column (a little like a dragon crest). Draw the sower’s legs using thin lines that are smooth and that are splayed out in various directions. You can also draw the beaver’s characteristic tail in our illustration.

We hope that following this lesson you’ve learned to draw Daggett from the Angry Beavers. Don’t forget to sign up with us on social networks and check out for more drawing lessons.


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