How To Draw Daffy Duck

There are many iconic cartoon characters from the past of animation that are beloved all over the globe!

The Looney Tunes cartoons which began in the 1930s featured a variety of characters that are well-known to this day.

The sly Daffy Duck is among the most loved characters. He has appeared in a variety of media, including television shows, films as well as video games.

How To Draw Daffy Duck Step-By-Step

1st Step:

To begin this guide for drawing Daffy Duck, we will begin by drawing Daffy faces and the beak. Begin by drawing two small oval shapes on top of one the other.

2nd Step:

Daffy Duck has a slim and lanky body as well as a set of limbs. And we’ll include the first limb into the Daffy Duck sketch in the next step.

3rd Step:

In this , the third part in our step-by-step guide on drawing Daffy Duck We will draw another arm for him.

4th Step:

In the same vein as the Daffy Duck sketch Now you’re ready to complete the rest of the outline of Daffy body.

5th Step:

The picture you see is almost drawn , however, there are still certain important details!

6th Step:

This cartoon may not be the brightest cartoon ever made however, he has an extremely attractive scheme of color!

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