How to Draw Cyclops from X-Men

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

Let’s begin this by drawing the outline of the Cyclops head. Begin with a circular shape , with the lines of the face drawn as the shape of a long, wide cross running straight across the middle. Then draw a line through the lower part of the face contour , as illustrated. After you’ve finished, sketch the contour of his jawline and the chin. Then, his coat.

Step 2

In the example it is important to start with detailed drawings to make Cyclops appear as Cyclops. Begin by sketching his hairline. You’ll notice that he has some hairstyles that are short. Then outline the form of his glasses with his nose, ears and the upper lip. The nose is the most important part, you’ll only have to draw an outline of the nostril and at the top on the tip of your nose. Then, complete the facial shape by drawing a square neck and jawline. One simple trick and method to draw the nose is to draw an arc without a sharp end, and then create an unrounded curve to the point of your nose.

Step 3

Since the character played by Scott Summers or Cyclops has an extremely strong facial structure, a little more detail on his cheeks, jaws or mouth must be figured out. First, let’s look at the magnifying glasses of his character in greater detail. What you have to do is sketch the precise instructions in order for making the glasses appear 3D. Then draw the nose bridge to the right and then draw wrinkled lines that line the forehead. Then, you can draw an inward-facing curve to outline the cheekbones of his face and make his face more round. The next step is to draw contours for the chin, and sketch out the lower lip. Then, draw a sketch of the leather jacket and his ear details.

Step 4

What you need to accomplish in this stage is sketch out the hairstyle. Make sure you take the time to make this style authentic. The hairstyle is wavy and short. hair that splits across the middle in the way you’ll see. This can be achieved with many long strokes which will eventually produce the appearance you see. You also need to outline your left eyebrow.

Step 5

In this section you’ll outline the lining with more precision on the leather jacket to make it appear more real and 3D. Learn the steps and follow them the same as you can. Listen to all instructions and the visible shapes you sketched in step 1 before.

Step 6

After you’ve cleaned out your sketch, and added a few quick shadows, like seen here and you’ll get an image that appears similar to the sketch above. Color him as you wish or just leave the sketch as is. Similar to any sketch of a portrait I prefer to leave it as an uncolored pencil sketch. This is the complete guide on drawing Cyclops in the X-Men.

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