How To Draw Cyborg Easy

How To Draw Cyborg Easy

Step one:

Cyborg is a massive semi-round head. This is the shape you’ll sketch first. It’s the exact design as a stop sign.

Step two:

Then create your robotic seam in into the central part of Cyborg’s face. The lining doesn’t appear to be the perfect vertical line because it creates the look towards Cyborg’s facial features. Draw an eyeball as well.

Step three:

Draw the other eye however this time it’s a human-shaped eye in contrast to the robotic circle shape of the eye. Draw your eyebrows.

Step four:

Draw the ear and then a hairline on the leftside, and the cyborg seam line in the center.

Step five:

In the final step, you will draw your mouth and nose. Clean up all mistakes and clean your hands clean after all the work.

Step six:

Time to draw in Cyborg. I’m certain Beast Boy is going to be delighted to meet his new friend.

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