How to draw cute winnie the pooh

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw Manga Girl Style

Create a circle for the head. Then, draw an outline of the shape. Draw the lines on the face too.

Step 2
Utilizing the tip guideline Start sketching Winnie the Pooh’s head chibi in the manner shown. It’s an angle, and you’ll notice the protrusion on his brow and the smudge of his cheek. Inject the ear into the socket and you’re done.

Step 3
Then draw Winnie’s face after which draw puffs of air for his cheeks.

Step 4
Finish the eyes with a drawing them and coloring the eyes using two dots. Make eyebrows, a dent in his ear, the nose, and then his tongue as it bites its upper lip.

Step 5
After we’ve completed his face and head and face, we can begin drawing the shirt. Begin at the collar and draw the sleeves Pooh Bear. It’s best to have a short sleeves so that it’s not too long.

Step 6
Then we can draw the rest of the arm as Pooh Bear’s hands. Cover the hands with honey and then draw an eyeline to the Pooh’s face.

Step 7
Draw on the back that is exposed and then draw Pooh Bear’s butt and thighs, feet, and legs. He is sitting in a sitting position.

Step 8
Then next, draw a honeycomb-like shape within the vessel. Then, sprinkle some honey on the sides, and draw grooves in the pot to give it more depth.

Step 9
In the end, draw another leg, then add the same padding, and then paint more honey on the leg of Pooh. Clean up the mistakes, along with instructions and guidelines.

Step 10
The line art emerges beautiful as you see. Color your sketch of Pooh Bear, in chibi format.

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