How to Draw Cute Eyes -

How to Draw Cute Eyes

How to Draw Cute Eyes

Eyes can be a challenge to draw despite the fact we’re all acquainted with how they look.

It’s possible to think that drawing cartoon-like eyes would be more straightforward, but that’s not always the case when you need to add character and personality to them.

Drawing cartoon eyes that have a cute appearance to them can be an unnerving experience if you don’t have direction, so if are looking to tackle drawing challenge on your own, then you’ll need to continue reading.

What color does brown and blue make when mixed?

We’ve got a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw adorable eyes in only 10 simple steps that will have you creating your own adorable eye images in less than a minute!

1st Step:

In this, the first step of our tutorial on drawing cute eyes, we will begin by drawing the outline of the eye to the left.

You may imagine oval or round when you think of your eyes but for this particular style, we’ll be doing something completely different.

The shape will appear to be an oval that is long, however it will be centered with a softer curve. It will also have an acute point in the corner of the eye as shown in the image referenced.

2nd Step:

You’ve drawn your eye up to now, and to draw the next step, you’ll need to draw the exact duplicate, but with the orientation reversed.

This time the sharp edge is on your left side as shown in the picture. If you draw both eye lines and outlined, you can proceed onto the next stage!

3rd Step:

The next step in our guide on drawing cute eyes is easy yet powerful. In this step, simply draw lines that are thicker that are on the upper part of the eyes using the image as a guide.

To accomplish this you must do your best to ensure that the thickness exactly the same in both of your eyes, as you can.

4th Step:

A few eyelashes can draw attention to your adorable eyes and give them some character.

They will consist of three straight, thick lines, which will be terminated in points that extend out of the left corner of the eye to the left.

5th Step:

Already drawn in three eyelashes. Now you’re getting learned the basics to follow this step-by-step tutorial on drawing cute eyes, draw more eyelashes on the opposite eye. This will be the same except for mirrors.

6th Step:

In the sixth step we will begin the irises of your adorable eyes.

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