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This guide will show you how to draw cute eyes. You can modify each step as you wish. This tutorial is not meant to be a complete guide. This tutorial will teach you the basics of drawing eyes but in a very simple way. This tutorial may seem complicated, but it is easy to start drawing.


Step 1

We now have a guide for drawing cute eyes. Before we can draw anything, it is important to determine the exact location of the object on the paper. We can draw the location of our eyes by using two intersecting lines. The horizontal line will guide the eye’s bottom line, while the vertical line will indicate symmetry.



Step 2

This is a short, but crucial step. We will draw the upper edges of the eyes. These lines will determine the size of your eyes. Do not press too hard on your pencil during this step.


Step 3

Let’s now draw two more lines to close the arcs created in the previous step. These will create the basic outline of the eyes. This step will allow you to check the lines we created in the previous step.


Step 4

It is often said that the pupils’ position and shape determine the direction and character of the gaze. In this step, we will draw pupils that move towards our conditional nose. This will give you a cute and intent look.

Step 5

You know that the human eyes have an auxiliary apparatus. This includes eyebrows, eyelashes, and other anatomical structures. This step will allow us to draw thick, tightly spaced eyelashes. You will notice how the eyelashes curve upwards and laterally.


Step 6

We have learned a lot this time and are now moving on to the final. This step will begin by deleting all construction lines. Next, using strong pressure on the pencil we will draw the eyelashes and borders. The pupil will be painted over with dense, intense shading at the end. Pay special attention to the white highlights. This is an important detail.


Step 7

Recheck all lines and shapes you created in this tutorial. The final lines should be drawn around the lower and upper eyelids. To outline the natural folds in the skin, use short strokes.

Drawing eyes can be difficult. You can master the art of drawing eyes if you practice it regularly. Please email us to let us know how we helped you. We look forward to hearing from you!


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