How To Draw Curious George Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How to Draw Om Nom Step by Step

Step 1

Start by drawing out the guide lines and circles that will form your Georges frame. Beginning at the top, draw two circles around his head, each one of them overlapping. Then draw the forms of his feet and hands. After the shapes have been drawn follow the steps in the above image until your drawing looks similar to the image above.

Step 2

The next step what you’ll create is the body of George. Beginning with the first color of the eyes, you will draw round and thin strips of eyebrows. Then draw the tiny nose of his and the ears on the left and right side. Once you’ve taken the sections of hair, draw the tiny hairline up onto the side that is right. Then go down and draw the liner to create the round head as well as long arms and curly legs.

Step 3.

In this stage, what you draw will be the lines around your face in the manner shown above. After that, draw a large smile on Georges face that appears to move from ear to the ear. Next, draw fingers on your hands and toes on feet. Remove all circles and guides that you created in step 1 to tidy your drawing.

Step 4

Let’s see what George is going to look like once you’re finished. The only thing left is to color him chocolate brown. This is the easiest way. This concludes our tutorial on drawing an enthralling George.

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