How To Draw Cuphead

How To Draw Cuphead

Step one:

We’ll start with the guidelines for the body and head as follows, and then we will draw the limbs guidelines and forms.

Step two:

The next step is to sketch a large cup to cover the face and head in the same way. There is a gap at the top , which makes it appear like an actual cup.

Step three:

Begin by with the facial guidelines and draw Cuphead’s eyes, playful mouth, or smile, then, his nose. Make sure to add some pupils to the drawing too.

Step four:

Create a hollow at the top to make the cup. Then draw an attractive straw that is thick and has stripes. For this stage, all you need be doing is to draw the handle of the cup.

Step five:

Then we will begin with Cuphead’s body starting with the hand and arm. The hand is held in a fist. Additionally, draw in some of the body lines.

Step six:

Draw Cuphead’s opposite arm, and then draw the rest of the body. It is also necessary to draw in the shorts as well.

Step seven:

Simply draw the closed hand during this step, then move on to step eight.

Step eight:

Then draw your feet, socks and legs and then you’re finished. You can begin erasing your guideline as well as any mistakes, shapes and marks.

Step nine:

Here’s the artwork when you’re done. Then you are free to go and color your character.

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