How to Draw Cthulhu Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to Draw A Cartoon Bike Step by Step

Step 1

Cthulhu has been seen in many different versions in different incarnations One thing that is constant is the fact that he’s got a the appearance of a squid with a head and face.

We’ll begin by drawing the outline in the beginning in the Cthulhu Drawing tutorial. Draw circles using the curving edges of the central part of his head. That’s where we’ll begin.

Also, there will be an empty row of eyes that run along to the top of the head. For this, you can make waves to expand the three tentacles that fall to the ground below the top of his head.

That’s all there is for us to accomplish, let’s move on to step 2.

Step 2. Draw more of his head.
The next step in your Cthulhu drawing will allow you to give some details to Cthulhu’s head and face style.

Then, draw a few tiny, sharp spikes of the outline of the head that you sketched, and then draw some curved lines in between them to form some lines.

You can then add some smaller or more curving designs from the top to create more tentacles.

The more tentacles that you can put in the Cthulhu drawing The more tentacles you can fit in, the more you can fit in! We’ll move onto step 3 . of the guide.

Step 3 – Draw the start of Cthulhu .’s body
After you have your head and tentacles drawn then we can draw the body and arms in this section of drawing Cthulhu tutorial.

In this sketch, we’ve drawn a muscular silhouette of Cthulhu with his muscular arms. You can trace his muscles by using certain curves to represent different areas of his arms.

Use some curves to strengthen the chest and abs muscles Then end by drawing his hips. After these steps are completed and we’re ready for step 4.

Step 4: Next step is to draw his legs
To draw this Cthulhu the next step is to create his leg. Similar to his arms and body the legs of his will be very thick and strong.

They are also designed to resemble an elephant. You can add more curves to his legs. Try to arrange them so they are in a position where the leg on left extends slightly to the side.

We’ll also include lines that are smaller in size to the inside part of his leg to help with his knee’s specifics and other muscle structures.

The feet of his will also sport rough, round toenails which look like the ones you typically find on the feet of elephants.

Step 5 – Add Final Details to Your Cthulhu Drawing
Another feature common to Cthulhu designs is the fact that he’ll have wings that are large We will be adding a few of these prior to the final step in our Cthulhu tutorial.

The wings of this style are sort of a mixture of wings of bats and wings from an animal.

Start by with some curves to create the bones of the wings. They’ll have a segment on the top with an opening for a claw. the top.

Use curves to define the joints between bony structures. Then, include some line details in these membranes.

Once you’ve drawn your wings, you are able to add particulars that you’d like to add! It’s enjoyable to paint the background. Perhaps you could show him wandering around a city that isn’t.

What will you do to complete your masterpiece drawing?

Step 6: Finish Your Cthulhu sketch in full color
This is the final stage in this Cthulhu drawing. And in the next step we’ll finish it with a few colors.

In our image of reference we’ve enhanced this creature’s aquatic appearance by using a variety of shades of blue and green to its body.

You could choose the same color scheme for your own photos, however it is also possible to incorporate any other colors you’d like!

It’s your design which means you’re completely at your own disposal with the colors you pick.

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